The martial art of the 20th century

After 18 years of Tae Kwon Do reaching 2nd Dan and competing in many sparring and pattern tournaments up to UK standard, and finally as a trained referee, I ended up with damaged knees, to the point I struggled to walk down stairs. Through alternative therapy they were able to enable me to carry on normally and suggested I get back into the gym and Martial arts. I looked around for something that would mean less stress on the knees but would challenge me and get me fit. I came across Choi Kwang Do, to start with I thought this was going to be like any other martial art, but after a few lessons and discussions with the instructor (Derek Bicknell) I started to understand that this was so much more. Not only did it follow the traditions of martial arts it also took into account science and medical knowledge to ensure damage to joints during training were taken into account and training methods changed to stop this. It was non competitive and as such all techniques taught were practised against pads which meant if required in a real situation then you would not stop an inch away! It also meant those from a very young age to a good mature age and those with disabilities could also train and not feel pressured because they could not do competitions. It is said that Choi Kwang Do is the martial art of the 20th century, I firmly believe it is. Since starting in Choi Kwang Do 2005 I have been able to gain 2nd Dan (EE Dan) and working hard toward my 3rd Dan. I have also taken over as Chief Instructor and School owner for the Winchester school, which I am loving more than I expected.
I would also like to say that the dedication and instruction that Derek Bicknell, Karen and their family put into the teaching and training of CKD is awesome. They are completely committed to learning more about the art and how to teach it as well as making you feel so welcome that you feel straight away part of the CKD family.

Mark Lloyd