T. Gray Lt Cdr RN

Mrs Bicknell’s 6 week self defence course has been inspirational. Each week she has taught different techniques to cope with varying confrontations whilst building up our self confidence to deal with awkward and potentially threatening situations. In the final session, we were taken out of our comfort zone with simulated attacks providing that much needed realism to put into practice what had been taught.

Throughout the course, Mrs Bicknell’s delivery was clear and simple. We all understood what was needed and how to follow through a would-be attack. We learnt to make ourselves less likely to be targeted, how to defend against attacks and how to gain control over an attacker. Although it is hoped that we will never have to put into practice what we have learnt, the feeling of self-assuredness that I am left with is hard to describe. Knowing that you can react if needed to the worst of a situation is well worth the cost. This wasn’t a technique-heavy hobby or exercise session – it was all about common sense, street smart awareness and a skill that all women should be exposed to. Simply put, Mrs Bicknell changed my outlook on self defence and I can not over emphasise the values that this course can bring. Her dynamic, enthusiastic and dedicated approach to ensuring we all got the best of the 6 week package was outstanding and this combined with her natural ability to teach provided us with a very rewarding learning experience.

I can not rate this course highly enough and I have no hesitation in strongly recommending this course to all females.

Tina Gray

Lt Cdr RN