It wasn’t long before I wanted to join in

Hello! This is me Paula Cooper. A Mother, Wife, hairdresser and assistant instructor for Choi Kwang
I joined Hampshire Choi Kwang Do Oct 2008 totally by chance!
My daughter(13) and Son(12) were introduced by their step brother, and when he went off to university they needed me to take them to classes! I only knew a little about what they were doing and really thought it was one of those hobbies that children would start and it wouldn’t be long till they would get fed up and start missing classes!
But this wasn’t happening they were always full of the new and exciting techniques they had learned. So I found myself taxiing my children! Whilst sitting and watching I was always surprised at how friendly the members of the class were and all different ages! It wasn’t long before I wanted to join in! I love having an interest in which my children are a part of. Its lovely to have a form of exercise that is challenging to the mind and body which is always changing and is so much fun!
I’m still amazed that I’m actually doing a martial art and I’m on my journey which will take me to becoming a black belt!
Amazing!!!! !