I love it!

I joined Winchester CKD a few months ago and absolutely love it. The classes push you, but to your own limits, and the physical & mental benefits are obvious from the outset. The instructors are patient and encouraging, and the […]

The Buckley Family

Perhaps like other parents, we hadn’t planned to make Choi Kwang Do a family thing. We wanted our eldest son to try it to keep fit and to give him the tools to defend himself. Dad and eldest son (now […]

Family activity

How our CKD journey started. My son was invited to Choi Kwang Do on buddy week, by his friend. I did not want him to go as he had recently just stopped doing MMA, which I was not a fan […]

With an element of discipline

CKD is a fantastic way to meet people, get some exercise, have fun and learn a fantastic skill. It is such a friendly and helpful environment coupled with an element of discipline which I think is particularly helpful for children […]

the right choice of martial art for me and my family

CKD enables you to develop at your own pace and increase your sense of wellbeing, with great support from patient instructors who are to able encourage and train adults and children of all ages. CKD promotes equality, achievement and fun […]

It wasn’t long before I wanted to join in

Hello! This is me Paula Cooper. A Mother, Wife, hairdresser and assistant instructor for Choi Kwang do! I joined Hampshire Choi Kwang Do Oct 2008 totally by chance! My daughter(13) and Son(12) were introduced by their step brother, and when […]