Martial arts for Children

Martial art for Kids

Children just love being active, they are sponges and learn very quickly. This is when they need nurturing and support, Choi Kwang do not only helps them stay fit and healthy as well as enabling them to defend themselves it also instills a sense of discipline which transcends into their normal lives at school and at home.

As part of the teaching within CKD, we aim to get the children to understand when to play and when not to and learn to focus, which helps them in their studies as well as any extracurricular activities they may get involved with. We encourage development with fun which allows them to learn whilst enjoying themselves.

Studies that are ongoing have shown that CKD exercises enhance children’s coordination, concentration, and focus and are helping in their academic studies and confidence.

At the family classes, we mix adult and children training together which also builds up the ability for children to work with and communicate with adults.

We have a formal start to each lesson where we recite the junior promise below and do “Mook Yum” silent sitting where we close our eyes and do a breathing exercise for 1 minute, great practice for the children.

Choi Kwang Do (CKD) can enhance your child’s powers of concentration, self-control, discipline, and self-esteem. Children’s Choi Kwang Do is a healthy, fun workout that promotes a winning but disciplined attitude, which encourages better behaviour at home and at school whilst promoting the mental strength to undertake life’s challenges.

If you consider for a moment our Junior Promise…………

  • To always do my best and never give up
  • To obey my parents and teachers
  • To tell the truth and honour my word
  • To always be polite
  • To never misuse what I learn in class

You can see that, simply by following these principles, your child will develop positive mental, physical and emotional skills.

Your child’s Choi Kwang Do training is about far more than punching and kicking; it extends from the physical exercise, which is both disciplined and fun, to embrace almost every aspect of a child’s world.

What we don’t do………….

  • We do not engage in sparring, which we believe only serves to encourage aggression and induce stress. Sparring is usually conducted under a set of rules and probably under the control of a Judge or referee. Neither of which would occur in an assault in the street, etc.
  • We do not promise to turn your child into the next Olympic Martial Arts medal winner.
  • There are no competitions as such. We believe that for every student that feels success in their victory over another, the other inevitably feel a loser.
  • Our aim is to ensure each and every child leaves the Dojang with positive feelings toward themselves and others – feelings that can be carried forward into their daily lives.
  • You train with partners, not opponents, and partners are there to help you become the best that you can be.

What we do – the changes we have seen in children……..

  • Enhanced confidence: we have seen children grow hugely in confidence, using this to confront new and different challenges – in school, at home, in sports, in relationships – with an increased sense of purpose and belief.
  • Mental, emotional, and physical strength: we know that, after just a few weeks, our children are far better able to defend themselves physically, but perhaps more importantly that they will be able to deflect or confront the mental onslaught of a bully, of peer pressure, or of an unkind friend.
  • Increased self-esteem: an enhanced sense of self is extremely important to a child who is going through so many stages in life so quickly. The children in our classes develop the ability to recognise the aspects they need to improve (homework, relationships, effort) with determination rather than dread.
  • An appreciation of their physical selves: children will only stick at exercise they enjoy – so we make sure they do! Our classes are so much fun, your child will beg you to let them come. They do actually enjoy doing squats, burpees, and jumping jacks. They take pride in their enhanced fitness.
  • Full and balanced development: we base our training on modern scientific principles – our fun drills are structured around movements from ‘Brain Gym’ research from the acclaimed book ‘Smart Moves.’

Choi Kwang Do is best enjoyed as a family……….

We encourage all parents to share the benefits of Choi Kwang Do and enjoy the activities with their loved ones.

Thank you for your interest in Winchester Choi Kwang Do – if you have questions, we will be glad to answer any you might send to

Why not try it out? We cannot do the benefits of Choi Kwang Do justice in words, so why not book your child on a free introductory class and let them see for themselves. Please call Mark on 07876 211109 where we guarantee to greet you with a friendly welcome.