Are you looking for the most efficient way to stay fit and healthy? Our dynamic, fun drills are based on the latest scientific research

Our Stay Fit and Healthy sessions are an intrinsic part of each, and every CKD class. Our exercises are taken from the latest scientific research and have a flexible format that allows for them to match your individual starting level and desired goals. Our instructor team work with you to ascertain your current strength, flexibility, endurance and overall fitness; we work to understand what you enjoy; and we take you through each session, actively monitoring your response to each element, encouraging and supporting you.

  • You’ll get fit faster: there are so many ways to get fit, but all too often they focus on the physical challenge and fail to stimulate the mind. That’s when you’ll start to find fitness becomes a chore. After a while, you may also find that the same routine that gave early results, has now hit a plateau with no further gain. We have numerous and varied drills, based on the latest scientific research, that will keep you engaged and wanting more.
  • You’ll enjoy the variety: we mix individual and partner drills across a range of movement types – from yoga-based warmup stretching, through callisthenics and functional cross-training (left and right side balance), to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) to develop dynamic flexibility and strength.
  • You’ll feel challenged but safe: our instructors will monitor your activity level to ensure that you get the most from your sessions and move purposefully towards your agreed goals – but always safely – so, for instance, our partner drills are non-competitive, low impact and feature safety equipment such as focus mitts and full-length shields.
  • We’re happy to make such big claims: because we’ve seen the results time and time again. Take a moment to ask any of our existing students about their experience and hear how our training has helped them achieve their personal journeys and aspirations.

You probably have questions………

Will I get hit? No, there is no sparring in CKD because we believe that it only induces aggression and stress. Competitive sparring encourages you to stand toe-to-toe with an assailant, usually conducted under a set of safety rules and often controlled by a referee. This scenario is far from the reality of a real-life assault and bad habits can easily form under these constraints. In CKD, we gradually introduce you to a series of structured ‘Defence Drills’, to develop your skills of deflective blocking and avoidance. Your partner will simulate an attack at an intensity gauged to allow for the development of countering techniques – aimed at disabling your attacker and enabling evasion.

Do I need the flexibility to kick high?

No, our practical and effective techniques only require a natural range of movement. Your flexibility will develop naturally and without conscious focus, as you engage in the numerous drills we teach you. Our warm-up stretching component, at the start of each class, will ensure your flexibility makes steady progress as you train. However, kicking high is not a requirement and is considered generally impractical for self-defence purposes.

How often do I come to class? That is entirely up to you: some students attend once a week; some come every day. Whilst it is true to say that the more you practise, the faster you will develop, why not start slowly and build up?

Do I need to be fit to start? Whilst we would always support a healthy, active lifestyle in everyone, no, there are no pre-requisites at all. We will make sure that the classes you attend and the exercises you are asked to do, are appropriate for where you are now.

Can I try it? Yes, you – and we – need to make sure that your needs and goals match our programme, so we would start you on a trial programme.

Thank you for your interest in Winchester Choi Kwang Do: if you have any other questions, we will be glad to answer any you might send to

Why not try it out? We cannot do the benefits of Stay Fit and Healthy with Hampshire Choi Kwang Do justice in words, so why not book a free introductory class and see for yourself what you could achieve. Please call Mark on 07876211109 where we guarantee to greet you with a friendly welcome.