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Our Programmes

Inside & Virtual Classes

We are offering normal classes from 5th December 2020for brand new starters, children and families, adult and black belts as well as virtual training and progress online. Keep fit and healthy and learn/develop your skills in a martial art. Call Mark on 07876 211109 to start your journey.

We know it takes courage to start a new activity but our friendly instructors and students will make you feel welcome from your very first lesson.

Introduction program

Each introduction class includes your very own instructor to show you all the moves at white belt. They will also guide you on the best way to maximise your training and will answer any questions you may have.

We know it takes courage to start a new activity but our friendly instructors and students will make you feel welcome from your very first lesson.

When you schedule your introductory class, we'll inform you what to wear and what to bring to class.
Whether you're a child, adult, male, female, fit or unfit everyone is welcome.
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Junior Program (Ages 5-12)

Our nationally recognised junior program has helped hundreds of children reach their full potential. Using innovative methods and just the right amount of fun, we teach our young students life skills and physical skills that will benefit them now and as they grow into adults.
We emphasise non-violent conflict resolution and teach children to recognise and avoid lures and threats. For those rare instances where they may need to defend themselves, our curriculum combines the most practical and effective self defence techniques from the martial art Choi Kwang Do. While we emphasise character development, our curriculum is designed to ensure that children are prepared, mentally and physically and to neutralise physical threats.
Junior Black Belt Academy (BBA Ages 5-12)
The young have an aptitude to learn and they can soak up information and learn techniques fast. Because of this we have developed a BBA to allow those who have shown the ability to work hard and the desire to learn to come along to special classes just for them where they learn more advanced techniques and skills as well as giving them a fun time.
Our family program classes are open to all students of any age and ability.
Choi Kwang Do techniques are safe and easy to learn. We promote non-violent resolutions to conflict yet we strongly believe our youth must develop skills and ability to defend themselves and understand right from wrong.
Students will develop greater confidence and self-discipline.
Our young students are treated with respect and are taught to return the same respect for others. We believe in praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement. Parents that work with us as a team will enjoy seeing their loved one strive for excellence, at school at home and at Choi Kwang-Do.

Teens & Adults

Get in the best shape of your life, by working out with a purpose.
Learn highly effective and powerful self-defence skills. All this in a fun, friendly environment that will also improve your flexibility, endurance, and physical vigor!
A total fitness package combining strength, endurance and flexibility.
The result is a tremendous increase in energy. Each class also includes a variety of stretching exercises that help you to avoid injuries and keep you feeling young and agile.
Consistency is your key to success.
At Winchester CKD, we provide a fun, safe and exciting environment that makes consistency a joy... and gets you into the best shape of your life!

Black Belt Club

... is a special three-year membership designed to give the ultimate martial arts training experience to students who have Black Belt as a goal. Members of this prestigious program will receive extra training, a Black Belt Club uniform. Students can qualify for the Black Belt Club is by an instructor’s recommendation.
The recommendation is based on effort, attitude, character and their willingness to do the best they can to follow the principles and pledge of Choi Kwang Do. They must have a good attendance record, a positive attitude in class, and towards others.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask...
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