Winchester Martial Arts for Adults up to 80, Self Defence, Awareness and fitness
Martial Arts for Adults up to 80, Fitness, Self awareness, self protection
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Martial art for Adults

Old age is inevitable, decay is optional.
Choi Kwang Do is for adults who have an interest in self defence, who wish to improve their health, who wish to stay injury free whilst making new friends in an enjoyable environment.
 Mr Barry Vinton. Now one of the Hampshire CKD instructor team and proud black belt owner.
Choi Kwang Do is the ‘Marital Art for Life’, our system is designed to complement your body, not to conflict your body with more traditional techniques like ‘locking out’ of joints. Our system is easy to learn, you will enhance your health and you will find you have a higher level of energy, flexibility and muscle tone – and all this while having fun!
Our friendly classes are a great way to socialise and improve your wellbeing at the same time, but you will also gain the confidence to defend yourself and your family effectively.
All classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. You certainly do not need to be an athlete to join!!!
Choi Kwang Do will help you develop at your own pace whether you have just decided to no longer be that couch potato or indeed a fitness guru. Choi Kwang Do is for everyone. We have Adults from 14 to 74 training now!
Choi Kwang Do is a non competitive Martial Art which means that injurys, that can normally be expected with traditional Martial Arts are rare and not commonplace. Our system means that you train respectfully with other students and not against them. The skills you will learn are for real life self defence and not therefore to score points or in a cage controlled by a referee.
We will work to support you in achieving your own goals helping your own personal development and aspects that are important to you. This innovative approach to Martial Arts training is recognised as the fastest growing Martial Art in the world.
Based on and keeping Martial Art philosophy that emphasises the ideal of personal and social development being of paramount importance. Promoting the development of good manners, courtesy, self discipline, self confidence and self development being primary objectives of this art.

The adult class is on

Tuesday evenings

Adult class (12+) 7:45pm - 9pm


Weeke Primary School,
Stoney Lane,
SO22 6DR

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