Winchester Martial Art CKD, Weeke School & All Saints Church hall
Winchester Choi Kwang Do, CKD, Weeke School and All Saints Church hall
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About Winchester Choi Kwang Do at Weeke School

Winchester CKD has been running in Weeke School since 2004, part of the Hampshire CKD martial arts schools. 

The chief instructor and school  owner is Mark Lloyd Sa Dan (4th Dan).

mark lloyd recieving choi kwang do award from Derek BicknellMark has had over 25 years of experience training and teaching Martial arts, He reached 2nd dan in Tae Kwon Do and was a fully qualified referee. After many years of competition sparring, destruction and Patterns, Mark found his knee joints were screaming at him "NO MORE" due to the pain Mark stopped martial arts training and saught treatment.

Through alternative treatment and therapy Mark was advised to go back to training but to find something less adverse to joint wear and tear. After much research and looking Mark found the Choi Kwang Do School in Weeke, Winchester in the end of 2004.

Even after a few classes Mark found that his knee problems were much less severe and He has been training in Choi Kwang do ever since. Mark took over as School owner at the end of 2010.


 Head Instructor is Daniel Lloyd EE Dan (2nd Dan)

Dan doing front kick at Black Belt GradingDaniel has over 8 years experience in Choi Kwang Do, reaching his Black belt at 19.

He is at Uni training to be a primary school teacher and has a fantastic rapport with the children.







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We have now opened up a new lesson on Monday evenings at All Saints Church Hall, Highcliffe.

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